If the process is AGILE, so will the business.

Critical processes depend on various aspects: in addition to the IT aspect, in our solutions we take into account mechanics, people and related processes

Development and Data CENTER

Software and IT infrastructure are connected, in fact, a process managed by a modern application on old and non-resilient hardware remains critical.

In AzureBox we develop solutions in .NET, Asp.NET Core and Xamarin

We work with virtual machines, microservices, containers, and serverless functions, in the cloud and on-premises


Our goal is to streamline processes and make them safer.

Technology is at the core of every business and new technologies are born every day to simplify processes.

Technology is an opportunity, not a cost.


We monitor our solutions in order to improve them where necessary.

Maintaining software that is not used is expensive and does not bring benefits.

Monitoring means understanding how the software is used and at what points the User Experience can be improved


Digital Workspace

It is an interesting opportunity that allows you to employ people in the business without getting lost in the complexity of process management. A new way of thinking about work, which offers interesting challenges

VPN Connections

The security in the connection to remote branches or to the cloud, or while at the airport or from a customer is guaranteed by the presence of the VPN

Collaborative platform

From the virtual telephone to the possibility of holding videoconferences, to the possibility of holding organized conversations without dispersion.

Shared Storage and Backup

Data must now be reached from every place and every connection, whether it’s on a private or public cloud, file sharing is a fundamental aspect.

Advanced anti-virus protection

Now, more than ever we need to be sure that threats do not enter our network and that there is a proactive system that takes care of identifying and neutralizing threats, even Zero-Day ones.

Our services

Thanks to our customers and partners we have gained experience and continue to train

.NET Programming

Design of desktop and mobile applications on Windows and Android.

Development of microservices for backend in AspNet .Core

Industry 4.0, IoT & Utilities

Our main focus is on process optimization.

We are experts in device traceability, we have strong experience with the world of GAS meters, both in the production phases, in the testing phases, in the delivery of the product to the customer and interfacing to the Cloud

Cloud & Portals

Cloud project management, offering virtual machines, storage services, DRaaS, PaaS, IaaS, CaaS, FaaS

Server, VMs & Backups

Installation, maintenance and monitoring of the datacenter infrastructure. We are Microsoft Partners and we are specialists in the use of VMWare products.

Network, VPN & Digital Workspace

SaaS solutions for smartworking and collaborative solutions.

With our solutions we can offer the highest degree of security for remote connections, Virtual Desktop

Project Management & Training

Courses on .Net / SqlServer and training on the job.

In a few days you can start your team in the right direction, saving research and development time and manpower

We manage the entire project progress process and coordinate the team.

About us

We are experts in all stages of the new solution development process

AzureBox is a company with more than 5 years of experience in the IT consulting sector.

The services offered are consultancy related to resilient and secure infrastructure, software development of custom solutions and digital workspace.

The main sectors in which we operate are Industrial, Retail and SmartMetering.

Our customers are SMEs with whom we have excellent relationships, in fact we are able to offer our services on conditions that meet their budgets.

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